Trident Vocational Training Centre (TVTC) is promoted by seasoned Mechanical and Plumbing Services

professionals who also are promoters of Trident Plumbers Ltd, a leading Mechanical, Plumbing, Drainage

and HVAC Contracting Company for over 30 years.

If you are an experienced plumber who learnt on the job with no classroom training, think about how

marketable you would be if you became a certified plumber.

TVTC offers industry specific structured skill based training programs for not only existing professionals

in the MEP contracting segment but also for any person who wants to make a rewarding career in the

MEP industry using the latest technology.

Why Join TVTC?

- We come with over 30 years experience in plumbing from Trident Plumbers Limited.

- We know what gaps exist in the plumbing industry and we intend to fill them

- We not only offer plumbing courses but also soft skills training, HVAC, Design interpretation and

many more.

- We are up to date with the latest technology in the industry and this is what we train you with.

- Our courses are both theory and practical.

- We have qualified trainers who have years of experience in the plumbing industry.

- We have partnered with National Industrial Training Institute (NITA) who approve all the

training courses we offer.

- Our training fee is affordable.

- We accommodate both plumbers in the industry who wish to grow their skills and prospective

plumbers with no skills.

Courses We Offer

 Health and Safety

 Tools and Equipment

 Design Interpretation

 Costing and Estimation

 HVAC Systems

 Pump Installation and Types

 Fire Fighting Installation

 Domestic Cold Water/Hot Water System

 Gas Service Installation

 Sanitary Installation

 Pipe Fittings

 Drainage Systems

 Soft Skills